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With thanks to every one who participated and
special thanks to Ashwin to summarize a broad
category of views in a succinct
manner, here is a start to infrastructre. I would
suggest that we should focus on the topic of the
week. Only criticism of
the education policy statement should be allowed.
That also should be only during this week

To start, I want to be sure as what we mean by
infrastructure in simple words. Is there any
disagreement to the following
as basic Infrastructure? Arvind, I have taken
liberty to list them as an ordinary citizen, I
percieve them:

1. Drinking Water - Point suggested by

2. Clean Air/ Environment

3. Hygiene

4. Electricity - Point suggested by

5. Roads - Point suggested by Arvind

6. Telecommunications - Ponit suggested by

7. Transport (Road, Rail and Air)- Suggested by

8. Mail

9. Health Facilities


Utkarsh Kansal

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