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Adm.Reform Section

Point for Administrative Reform section:

* A Council for Excellence in Government to be established involving the
people (users) and the government, to evaluate and award innovations in

(I got this idea from:

Innovations in American Government
John F. Kennedy School of Government
(617) 495-0557

                   Public-Sector Excellence Honored with Monetary Awards

Cambridge, MA-Applications are now being accepted for the 1999 Innovations
in American Government awards competition.   The Innovations Program
recognizes effective and creative examples of government at its best.

All units of government--federal, state, local, tribal, and
territorial--within the United States of America are eligible for
recognition and awards. Applications ranging from policy initiatives to
managerial improvements are welcome.  Innovations that arise within defense
and international agencies are eligible, if they have significant domestic
policy content.   Programs must have been operational prior to January

In 1999, The Ford Foundation will award $100,000 grants to 10 government
programs and $20,000 grants to an additional 10 programs, for a total of
$1.2 million.  The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard
University administers the competition in partnership with the Council for
Excellence in Government.

Applications for the 1999 Innovations in American Government awards
competition must be received by 5:00 P.M., Friday, January 8, 1999.  To
receive an application, visit our homepage at
www.ksg.harvard.edu/innovations/99app.htm or call the Innovations Program
at 1-800-722-0074.

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