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Re: Infrastructure

At 11:16 AM 9/21/98 -0700, Utkarsh wrote:

>2. Clean Air/ Environment

Although extremely important, it seems inappropriate to include
environmental policy in infrastructure policy. Infrastructure should be
limited to those sectors which increase the efficiency of other business
sectors and which hinders the further development of economic activity if
present in insufficient quantities. Also, in this case, we should focus on
those infrastructure sectors which may naturally be associated w/natural
monopolies or other market failures. The broader topic to be discussed
(discussed in the earlier capitalism vs socialism debate) is the extent/role
of govt regulation in such cases of market failure

>3. Hygiene

I assume you are referring to, say, sewage sytems. Is there anything else?

>7. Transport (Road, Rail and Air)- Suggested by 

I would also include ports

- Pratap Raju

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