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Some difference in definitions again

On Mon, 21 Sep 1998 bdp.india@mailexcite.com wrote:

> Even though it is very tempting to believe that 
> the model of private schools at the elementary 
> level is working, I have few observations.

The private school model I showed in the Rajasthan case (or those tiny
'english medium' shops all over India) was an illegitimate school charging
Rs. 5 per child becuase the govt. teacher had failed in his
responsibility. I am NOT talking of private schools in the sense you have
in mind.
> 1. Only the middle class has been able to afford 
> these so called english medium schools.

All schools I cited are running in remote villages, with private
initiative and tiny fees (like Rs.5 per child). Those are desperate
attempts to regain one's own territory by the parents.

> So I would 
> say let's legitimize these schools, bring them
> under an unbrella, which makes sure that they do 
> not charge exorbitant amount of money to the 
> parents of these kids..

When Harvard univ charges $30,000 as annual fee, we do not protest against
it. Let us forget any role for govt. in imposing limits. Govt. has failed,
so private guys are making merry as usual. Let the powers of education
revert back to the people. Liberalize education, Promote competition. 

> 2. The poor and very poor still can not afford 
> private school education. 

Rs. 5 per child? can't afford?

> 3. We have been saying from the beginning that 
> none of these solutions will work till a 
> government brings all the changes
> together. Just giving money to schools is not 
> going to work till there is accountability of 
> money and responsibility and accountability at 
> the local level.

Who are you (or who am I?) - sitting in the state headquarter or in the
national headquarter, to monitor the schools? The knowledge is known to
the local people. ONLY they have the ability to monitor. Also, we will
monitor the annual accounts on the internet.
> 4. I still believe that government funding 
> for priamry and secondary education from the tax 
> dollars is justified. But daily management of 
> these schools should be left open to the most
> qualified individuals selected by 
> the representatives of the people (who from the 
> basic definition should be doing good for
> the society.)

First part. OK. Second part. NO. The management of schools should be left
to reps of the parents ONLY. At most, a local panchayat/ local govt. might
find representation. But based on my knowledge, that will also be fully


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