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Administrative: urgent

The byelaws of IPI are under finalization. The process needs 7 members to
be on the Board, currently living in India, since physical meetings of the
Board will have to be organized in India. We can have provision for
rotation of board members if need be, or expand the board if need be,

But right now, we need 2 members for the Board - preferably those living
near Hyderabad or Delhi. Prof. Subroto Roy might also consider. It will be
a great privilege to have him on the Founding Board.

Please volunteer. IPI is desiged to host and facilitate the National
Debate on System Reform.  Hence it is non-political and non-partisan. It
is a bridge between our concerned citizes and learned intellectuals, and
our shabby politics. Its objective is to provide better policy and
political technology (to use Prof. Subroto Roy's term) to India. No voice
will be quelled, ever. Debates will be fair and square. Nobody will
dictate policy. Everyone will persuade and see how well the point stands
up to scrutiny. Your job as member of the Board will be to expand the
debate and to increase openness.

We need you to volunteer for the founding Board VERY URGENTLY. Please come
forward at once! The IP work will get stuck if you do not come forward.


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