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Discussion Schedule

I suggest we limit ourselves to one week per topic. So far, infrastructure
has drawn a poor response thanks to education.
There is no way that the residual debates will be residual. They are sure
to end up in a long drawn out thread. I suggest we have a second round
after we go through all topics once. 
Some of the points may be more appropriate under another topic.
Please suggest. (e.g: I am not sure if Octroi should be under economy
or infrastructure but it improves efficiency of the transport sector)
Tentatively, the following will be the schedule.

Week 1 - Education [Closed] 

Week 2 - Infrastructure [Current Week]
- Issues regarding water, power, rural development,urbanization, port reform

and anything else related to infrastructure

Week 3 -  Law and Order - Systems to monitor law and order. 

Week 4 - Population - Educational Programs and other ideas

Week 5 - Two Topics - a) Environment - Pollution Control, 
b) Defence - Improving living conditions of defence personnel, modernization

Week 6 - Economy - Privatizing Public Sector, improving per capita income, 
Tax reforms

Week 7 - Social conditions - Wage issues, Hygiene, personnel safety, ID
social security, Reservation, Age discrimination

Week 8 - Modernization - Freeing media, Telecom policy, Reforms in
Administration, Technology in Government

Week 9 - Political Reform - Electoral Reforms for more transparency etc

Week 10 - Agriculture


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