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Re: Administrative: urgent

It would be a privilege to be a Founding Member but only if others beyond
Mr. Sabhlok
supported the idea.  I am more than happy as is.

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From: Sanjeev Sabhlok <sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu>

>The byelaws of IPI are under finalization. The process needs 7 members to
>be on the Board, currently living in India, since physical meetings of the
>Board will have to be organized in India. We can have provision for
>rotation of board members if need be, or expand the board if need be,
>But right now, we need 2 members for the Board - preferably those living
>near Hyderabad or Delhi. Prof. Subroto Roy might also consider. It will be
>a great privilege to have him on the Founding Board.

>our shabby politics. Its objective is to provide better policy and
>political technology (to use Prof. Subroto Roy's term) to India. No voice
>will be quelled, ever. Debates will be fair and square. Nobody will

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