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This is on government versus private education.

I readily concede that government run services or production of goods
are very inefficient. And that private run enterprises, including schools,
are more efficient and effective.

We have a few ten crores of children who need to be educated. As Vikram
says their parents may be extremely keen on educating them. Perhaps
they are not as keen on doing so. And, most certainly they cannot
afford it. However, it is in our interests to educate them.
Till at least primary school, if not high school.

We need to ensure that universal education is achieved within the
next 10 years, no more.

How do we ensure that private enterprises will open the few lakh
schools required within the next five years to complete the task
within the next ten years?

How do we ensure that the costs will be met out of taxpayers' money?

I read with great interest the article of Parth appearing on the website.
The Kerala experience is worth emulating. What I thought was worth
considering seriously are two things:

a. State funding education in private schools.
b. State funding dependent on performance by schools as measured by results.

I think we should include these two issues in the Manifesto.

However, there can be little debate that education should be totally
and liberalised. There ought to be no restrictions on private enterprise
in education.

Ajay Gandhi

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