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Re: Topic of the week

Ajay Gandhi wrote:

> It should be evident by now that a week is not sufficient for discussion.
> The debate itself gathers 'critical mass' only after 3-4 days. Then it
> picks up momentum. By that time the week is over.
> Suggest the time be extended to two weeks. Otherwise, it makes sense to
> allot time depending on the topic. Some, like law and order, will take
> Others, like infrastructure will take a week.

Obviously one week is not enough. The topic is not closed. It is just
that we want all topics to be covered once as soon as possible. All
topics will be discussed again and hopefully we will have the first draft
of the manifesto ready by then and can use it to make our points.
Until then let us go by the schedule. We will also have an idea as
to which topics will generate more debates. 
I am one person who is surprised at the low response for infrastructure.
I was under the impression that infrastructure, law and order and 
economy will produce a deluge of mails while other subjects will have
lesser disagreements.


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