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Utkarsh Kansal wrote:

> 1. Drinking Water
> I would like to know if tax dollars should 
> support driking water facilities or Government 
> should open management of water facilities to 
> private sector.  IMO, it will be better, if

Privatisation would be the best bet. Government has failed in this
respect. Just go to Madras and you'll see what I mean. They get
water in tankers! Hundreds of tankers come into the city in the 
morning. Officially, government is supposed to supply water.
Unofficially, private companies are doing it. Might as well make it
official. I do not think that people will be fleeced. I read a report
recently about a project called SuTRA (Sustainable Transformation
of Rural Areas) run by IISc in a village called Sugenahalli in 
Karnataka. They produce power from biogas and honge oil and
manage their own water. The villagers are willing to pay Rs.10 per
month for water and Rs.15 for power!
These people have water and power because they pay for it.

> 2. Hygiene
> Local governement should privatise the clean-up 
> of the cities. It should come out from local 
> taxes (Are there any local taxes in India?).

Should we discuss this here or under Environment? Or should we
discuss both topics this week and split tthem in our manifesto?
Professionals pay local taxes in India. Garbage clearance is
contracted out to private parties.

> 3. Electricity
> Government should give massive tax breaks to 
> local as well as MNCs to invest in new technology 
> to produce enough electricity to meet the demand.

Privatisation is enough. We do not need any tax concessions.
Tax concessions should be used only as an incentive to induce
development in areas where companies are reluctant to enter.
There are a lot of companies waiting for privatisation to happen.
In Pakistan, in just over an year, 19 companies signed up with
the government and they now have surplus power and don't
know what to do with it (India is buying lots of it). 

7. Transport (Road, Rail and Air)- Suggested by 
We should also abolish things like octroi. just look at the long line
of lorries you find at checkposts. Not only does this make the transport 
sector inefficient but it also gives rise to corruption.
There are other ridiculous rules too - if you import something, you have
to use container corporation of india or else pay a fat sum as extra
duty. Transport should be freed of bureaucracy and the productivity
will increase substantially.

> 9. Health Facilities
> Healthcare can by itself a whole subject? What do 

I too thiink this merits a whole subject.

Once again, please voice your opinion - shall we discuss environment
along with infrastructure and split it later? 


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