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Utkarsh Kansal wrote:

> suggest that drinking water should be made
> available within a 10-15 feet walk to 
> all settlements of 50 or more people. Any 
> suggestions.

10-15 feet walk is not acceptable. So isn't an entire settlement
sharing one tap. Are we still thinking of people living in huts?!
We should also have housing in our manifesto. Privatise housing.
We should think of ways to help the poor at least get cheap
pukka houses for nominal rent. Any ideas on this except
direct subsidies?
Also the local government should be held responsible even if
one family doesn't have access to water. Is it possible to make
it go hand in hand with privatization?
Anyone from Calcutta or nearby areas? There is also the problem
of Arsenic poisoning in the groundwater in some areas there.
What is being done about it?


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