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Re: educational policy


May I place before you ideas that I have been exposed to:

There has to be a new way of teaching : Not present Cheating
ourselves that we are educating the masses.

Teaching to read and write is fine !

Purpose of Education is for improving self, improving
society economically. This is not possible in India today as
all avenues of growth are blocked at the Whims and fancies 
of Politicians.

There is no new employment possible except  playing
Dacoit / Policemen : or  Army Cannon fodder,
even Govt. employment is a Joke.

Statistics apart ( generated by IAS ) I fear 75% of Revenue 
collected goes to keep the Brown Sahaeb and his Political
big-time senior pilferers happy.

56% of any thing made in India goes into Govt revenue,
as direct / indirect taxes / Interest / and bribes.

Very little goes back to development.  If it does then there 
is a hole at the bottom, through which what is put is taken out
and deployed Swiss & Cayman Island accounts, or invested
in those investments supervised by some Political chiefs of
small states. 

Putting up a halogen street light yields Rs 4,000 + to those
who put it up !  Illuminating, The Drain below it that it lightens
remains as it is, only pedestrian can now see where he is heading  !


So lets stop with teaching to read + write + simple arithmetic + Morals
and civic sense + basic health points. Morality and Harmony to tie
all castes and communities must be the prime aim., then stop.

Secondary School:

Let all that end at Primary School Level, after that all should
be to Crafts manship, turn them suitable for employment. Carpentry,
basic engineering, Agriculture and specialise for these @ + 2 stage.
typing, using computer etc.,

Senior School

Let 10th to 12th standard must be a specialisation field at the 
end of which, that embodiment must be able to produce for the 
nation, not sing songs only at parent's expenses.

This should end the stupid Educational policy, a mirror reflection
of the old British system made grotesque and ugly.

Practical knowledge of the field one has the bent of mind and
graphic recording on the right side brain development is more
useful than knowing which year King XYZ fought which battle,
all because the Top man of the Education Department had to learn
that in his time.

We are stupid copy cats who sit and hug any thing handed over
to us by the departing British, we are never original thinkers, 
nor we seem to know what is good for us. Even if the idea is dead
we hug it like a child as we know of nothing better !

The society is so contorted and the Heathcote Parkinson's law
so widely operative, that an Indian tyurns self-Luminous only 
outside India.

Basic Question : What use an education that helps only the
teaching system. Let go learn from small nations like Korea etc.,

No need to dismantle the Govt. stockade for lambs ( Schools ) 

Just allow the people to take any exam privately, only for
private appearance increase the standards, let then the Govt.,
sit on its haunches and collect monies, be happy doing things
the department like to best, 
Plum-Posting -bribes
Recruitment -bribe, 
Disciplinary-action bribe, 
Bill pass bribe,
Nil action on file bribe, 
Action on  file-bribe,
Land & Building-Bribes,
Certificate issue-bribe, 
Show cause memo-bribe,
No Objection Cert,- Bribes,
Pension bribe, 
and sir, in 40 years, we would have got rid of the department ! 
( In China such teachers would have been sent to reformation )

Its all like getting the family to dress up to go to a wedding 
that is not taking place except on the invitation card.

I may crude, but my blood boils, images fly into my head must
have even raised my temperature. I have not spilled out many of
the actuals that I have seen happen. Its a system not only eating
others but even its own limbs and collects.

SaiRam Sathya Kumar

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