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Re.Educational Policy

---SATHYA.KUMAR.S.R.@cinenet.net wrote:


> Practical knowledge of the field one has the bent of mind and
> graphic recording on the right side brain development is more
> useful than knowing which year King XYZ fought which battle,
> all because the Top man of the Education Department had to learn
> that in his time.

Prabhu: I request all interested to please go through Prof.Leo
Kadanoff's article in the APril'94  issue of PHYSICS TODAY. ( to
People who do not know this man of excellence ...Prof.Leo Kadanoff is
an extraordinary Physicist/thinker who just 'missed' the NOBLE prize
for his ideas in Physics.)

His article is titled ' GREATS' ..( named after the ancient schooling
system in GREECE !)

As pointed out by Sri.Satya Kumar this article stresses  the need to
LEARN the art of PROBLEM FORMULATION and later the art of
TROUBLESHOOTING irrespective of the AREA in question. Now, how do we
incorporate all this into our educating system ? Well, I am not that
matured to spell out broad guidelines for doing so ...but my little
life spent in learning and unlearning my Physics right through
schooling to doctoral studies...has given me enough insight into 'HOW
to TEACH PHYSICS/MATHEMATICS in a much more appealing style ' ( I mean
appealing to the Right lobes of childrens brains..! as SATYA KUMAR

for example ..I have sucessfully elicited Newtons first LAW from sixth
standard kids ( who would simply 'rattle the english jargon' out on
command without ever WONDERING what it means ) by simply encouraging
them to think of GALILEO's experiments with balls and inclined
planes....AND start WONDERING. To my pleasure I could discover many
'mini - Newtons' in them. I am sure there are many more exciting ways
of teaching other topics/subjects as well. How do we do it..? Well,
enough LEVERAGE and DISCRETION to TEACH, and help the kid `learn at
leisure'. More important ..TALK to them ..Don't TEACH them.

 I resist from generalizing my experience and evolving guidelines lest
it sounds like a superfluous sermon. But one thing is clear to me ..I
CAN DO IT, and I SHALL DO IT. ( in a spirit similar to IP)   

> We are stupid copy cats who sit and hug any thing handed over
> to us by the departing British, we are never original thinkers, 
> nor we seem to know what is good for us. Even if the idea is dead
> we hug it like a child as we know of nothing better !

Prabhu: Well, this DOES apply intensely to our Graduate -level
education. There seems to be simply no connection of relevance with
what the graduate CAN do with his/her education to make a living. All
the hustle and bustle for a much sought after DEGREE ends with a
whimper and a lifeless certificate! Life seems to stare at the Degree
holder ...asking 'WHAT NEXT..?' 'A JOB..?' ...
and our JOBS easily make a mockery of our Degrees 
 ...May be all this beacuse somewhere down the line we lost the link
between Education and it's social role/responsibilities ,
 ...May be we need to dust those old syllabi and think of relavant
course structures (need based/role based)


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