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Permission to post on web?

Dear Sairam,

I would request your permission to post extracts from your previous post
on the web page of IP at an appropriate place. More powerful writing I
have not seen since years! I like the explosion of anger: great motivator
for change. Same thing motivates me and all of us. We need to be angry.
Greatly Angry.

I am sure you realize that the next step has to be to channelize this
anger into very powerful and effective solutions. Our fellow citizens -
these Politicians - are making merry because we allowed them to pull wool
over our eyes each time. We believed it when they said that they are
promoting the good of all, when their system was clearly designed to
promote their own good. We still are fools to believe them when they say
that they will pay one month's salary to the "party," never ask donations
from business folk and somehow spend Rs.2-4 crores to run an election at
the end of which they will serve us somehow (sacrificing everything!) for
a salary of Rs.4,500 per month! And they will do all the "dirty" things
that we don't want to do - teach our children, stitch our clothes (many
public sector companies do that), "hatao" garibi by running trivial
mathematical programs (called input-output models or one of their newer
avtaars), etc.

Let us sit down and - away from the evil eyes of these hypocritic folk (of
whom I have seen MORE THAN ENOUGH) - design what we KNOW will work. What
we know works everywhere in the world, whether it be Asia, Europe, Africa,
or America: CAPITALISM. That is what we are doing here: building what in
my mind is an anti-dote to the nonsense we have bestowed ourselves for 50
years called socialism, and its cousin, swadeshi. As Prof. Asher says,
markets do not solve all problems.  But that is well-known, too,
everywhere.  However, the principle of relying on the initiative of the
people themselves has been completely confounded in India.

We declare on the one hand that we as a nation want to be self-reliant,
and on the other hand, we never forego any opportunity to try to
spoon-feed our own citizens. I cannot, in India, ever grow up, with a
"mai-baap" government hovering around me all the time. From the cradle to
the grave, I am a groomed to be a dependent child of the system. I go to
villages as a senior officer of the government, and everywhere there is a
clamour: give us this, give us that. What rubbish! Be self-reliant. Build
your own schools, build your own communities. The rich taxpayer will help.
All of us can and will help each other in dire need. But what is this
pathetic and chronic dependency that we see everywhere? Today there is no
self-reliance in India because of swadeshi and socialism. We are all
parasites on each other, in fact, on the entire world.

Sai, I now expect you to write more powerfully on what we must do. Most of
us first get angry, then mope in a corner, and finally, join the
'bandwagon' of corruption and rottenness. The first is a very adaptive
strategy for natural selection. The second and third are not. The result
is there for all of us to see. 50 years of all this rubbish, and we have
millions of people in India telling us that we need more of God. Sure! ask
God to help out - but God has never been known - yet - to help out sick
nations. We are a sick nation.


> Just allow the people to take any exam privately, only for
> private appearance increase the standards, let then the Govt.,
> sit on its haunches and collect monies, be happy doing things
> the department like to best, 
> Promotion-bribe, 
> Transfer-bribe, 
> Plum-Posting -bribes
> Recruitment -bribe, 
> Disciplinary-action bribe, 
> TA&DA-bribe, 
> Bill pass bribe,
> Nil action on file bribe, 
> Action on  file-bribe,
> Land & Building-Bribes,
> Certificate issue-bribe, 
> Show cause memo-bribe,
> No Objection Cert,- Bribes,
> Pension bribe, 
> and sir, in 40 years, we would have got rid of the department ! 
> ( In China such teachers would have been sent to reformation )

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