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RE: Let us not complicate things

Dear Sanjeev

Thanks for your reactions, again. The apprehensions and considerations that
have are mine, entirely. I am working on a model where a trust can remain
a members' trust. I seem to have made some headway. However, I wish to
discuss this with some lawyer friend and get his okay. Novel thought it is,
I think a members' trust is workable. The Trustees can be elected by the
members. We can discuss details after a few days when I confirm the lawyer's
opinion one way or the other.

The model I am working on will *not* make IP a one/some trustee show at all.
It will remain a members' body. It is the legal structure of a trust that
I wanted to us.

My problem with a society is known to you by now. We cannot perhaps overcome
It is the dichotomy between a real and a virtual association and the
attached to it.

If you think we should take a chance on that, the Bye Laws are almost ready.



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Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 1998 11:57 PM

Dear Ajay,

While thanking your for proposing a new (trust) model for this
organization, and still feeling that it is a viable one, I would urge that
we go for a very open model based on the Societies act, with which I am
more familiar and which forces external monitoring. Trust/ Foundations
sounds very 'closed' to me. Second, about my role: I am here as a
facilitator and that is what I would like to be. A "chief boxer," as they
say in BoxingLand (now it appears that others are boxing more! so I'll
have to retire...).

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