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Re:child labour and education

i agree, 
there is no sense of urgeny on the issue of providing schools for all. 
as long as the issue is seen in isolation of the issue of existence of 
child labor nothig much can be achieved. the problem is really of seeing 
schools as the only neans to abolish child labour and creating a social 
norm yhat no child must work. it is aso in defininfg child labour as all 
childre out of schools. 
plans must be worked out in addressing to the question of mainstreaming 
childre, taking care of th backlog, providing access toall. plans nust 
also condemn the policy of non formal night schools which only 
rationalise achild labour and are apologies for formal education.
more on this if you are intrested.

>Ten years ago I failed to commission a chapter on education in 
>of India's Political Economy.    T. W. Schultz's top student on the 
>was George Psacharapolous (of the LSE and then the World Bank), who has 
>the doyen of the subject at the Bank.   At his recommendation I tried 

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>Date: Wednesday, September 23, 1998 11:15
>>May I place before you ideas that I have been exposed to:
>>There has to be a new way of teaching : Not present Cheating
>>ourselves that we are educating the masses.

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