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Re: Infrastructure

enecne@md3.vsnl.net.in wrote:

> and media!. Alternately as the BBC . They ran a very interesting series on
> the topic based on the UK experience.
> Thanks for your patience for reading this piece. It is no criticism of any
> one--- I am only showing the need to do reasonablely sure of facts in our
> posts..

Feel free to air your views and point out mistakes. That is what we are
here for - to post our opinions and thrash out the differences so that we
can come up with a solution.
I guess I was just taking it out on the government based on my frustrating
experience in Bangalore. We had a pit and a tap installed below ground
level to get what was known as "Cauvery water". You had to wake up by 
5:00 AM or so on alternate days and sometimes even that would be too
late and all you would get is a loud noise!
I am not sure how the private sector can be involved in supplying water.
However, in building and maintenance of tanks and reservoirs, it would be
possible to involve the private sector. If we can think of a realistic
in their involvement in supplying too, it would be good. Otherwise we can
drop the idea. This still leaves the problem of supplying water open.
There are places where you have to trudge for miles to get water.
Building reservoirs to store water must be undertaken. Even if the supply
is not made directly from these reservoirs, they at least charge the water


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