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Effective Water management policy
Ensuring proper sewage treatment and maintenance of equipment
Controlling vehicular pollution
Enforcement on industries to follow the regulations
Banning dangerous fertilizers and pesticides
Banning hazardous drugs (I am not sure but i think we still have
   banned substances in india)
Ensuring timely garbage clearance and proper disposal
Limits on noise and odour pollution in industries 
Encouragement of alternate sources of energy like solar and wind energy
 (This might not cover more than 5% of total energy but I think we should
   still go in for it)
Enabling citizens to take legal recourse on environmental issues in
  an easy manner
Using latest technology in afforestation ( Whenever I see a documentary 
 on this subject, I see a vehicle planting several trees. I am not sure what
 is done in india)
Cleaning of Rivers
Wildlife conservation

Please add to the above points.


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