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trust vs. society

Ajay: Sorry: I was perhaps not paying sufficient attention to your novel
idea earlier. Please go ahead and work out this new way of working. I am
sure you will work out a innovative and workable model. Others who have
any ideas, pl. send straight to Ajay as he works out the draft.

Second, and this is URGENT!!!

I believe no one has volunteered to summarize the debates (a bit slow, so
far) on environment/ infrastructure. We do need ONE person to come forward
for each topic that Arvind announces. I know this is perhaps a bit of a
dangerous occupation: that of Rapporteur (will nobody correct my
spellings?) ... 

But I assure you it is a very exciting distraction: and you will enjoy it.

Please do volunteer! Just one hour should be enough to summarize.


On Wed, 23 Sep 1998 Ajay.Gandhi@cinenet.net wrote:

> Dear Sanjeev
> Thanks for your reactions, again. The apprehensions and considerations that
> you
> have are mine, entirely. I am working on a model where a trust can remain
> a members' trust. I seem to have made some headway. However, I wish to
> discuss this with some lawyer friend and get his okay. Novel thought it is,
> I think a members' trust is workable. The Trustees can be elected by the
> members. We can discuss details after a few days when I confirm the lawyer's
> opinion one way or the other.

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