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Water Management

Like any one else, I agree with Srikant as this 
all needs to happen and I can not agree more when 
he suggests that it should come from with in the 
system. Here is what makes me think. I
also agree that such facilities should be under 
the jurisiction of Municipalities.  But some how 
if they have all the control, then we will never 
see any more change then we have today. I am
not sure as how can we setup a system of 
accountability and market forces for the system 
to be monitored and improved from within. I would 
like to hear if any one knows as how it is
managed in the developed countries.


water as a resource, natural and vital, should 
be a public resource but it's supply shall be 
governed by the city/state administration. Every 
individual shall be given a right to use it, but 
under a strict metering law, whoever uses it 
shall be held responsible for it's utility, 
monetarily, imposing penalties wherever needed.

- this calls for an effective monitoring system 
set up to measure the consumption from 'legal 
outlets only'. Any illegal outlets, as happen to 
suddenly appear in this country, given the
easily accessible pipelines laid along roadside, 
which also forms a good area for hutments to 
develop, shall be monitored
Coming up with the rest 
in the next mail

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