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On Fri, 25 Sep 1998, Arvind wrote:

> Minimum Wage Rule to be enforced 

I had spent many, many man hours trying to explain this issue. the
consensus then became that there should be NO minimum wage legally
enforceable. However, there could be a 'desirable' min. wage which the
industry and govt. can set up. 

The search engine is working fine. Search for minimum wage and minimum
wages and you'll get tens of mail on this topic. e.g.,





sent in by Ram Narayanan which shows why the high minimum wage of Kerala
has driven away all industry from that state.

"The state's poverty can be traced to their strident anti-capitalism:
Kerala has an abundance of natural resources, but industries have largely
stayed away, for fear of the state's difficult trade unions, pro-union
courts, and high minimum wages. The consequence has been one of India's
highest unemployment rates -- as high as 25 percent, by some estimates --
and an economy marked by large budget deficits."

Let us NOT copy Kerala, a disaster in many areas. Let us create not only
health, education and longivity, but also wealth, employment, and power.

Arvind: Please see if you can post the previous consensus on these topics
(posted on the web) else people think that this is a whole new and fresh
debate. It is NOT. Sweat, blood and tears have gone into these debates
earlier, and people must begin from the work earlier done. That is why I
set up the list the way it is: to prevent the re-starting of debates each
time, afresh. Thanks for orgnizing the topics and moving the debates

Utkarsh: I am not too concerned really if we did not get too many comments
on infrastructure. It is not the quantity of points but the quality that
counts. As the first draft matures, the Editorial Board will surely find
ways to make it internally consistent. And the very fact that we are going
to be inviting 10,000 other Indians to debate, based on our preliminary
work, is an indication that we have not reached the 'end of the road,' and
that our work is tentative, to say the least. So, let us have the summary,
then do the objections on that summary, and move on...


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