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a quote ! References:

Undersigned works @ Social welfare levels indicated
by Sathya Sai, who gives free education, with high 
Moral standards and discipline ! He says education
need not be given, and would be worthless, if the
moral foundation is not there.

I came across a quote :  Circulate to members
if you feel its suitable :


EDUCATION must produce wisdom and moral
character. It can be acquired only by hard living
and spending days of toil, with no respite even for
sleep. But present day education makes those who
undergo it mere bonded-slaves to their senses.
They do not know how to avoid this bondage, so
they revel in envy, greed and egoism. What the
country expects and demands from the educated
person is, however, that he should set an example of
honest labour and light the lamp of knowledge in
every home.

Source: Thought for the Day
Book from Prasanthi Nilayam 


I suspect that somewhere along the line Ghandhi & Mao
probably knew better than say Nehru,  each of them in 
their own two ways ! One with Love Persuation : Bhudhan,
another the Red-Book and forced levelling of the popwerful
Admin Man ! Success or failure is not in the system, but
in the inner make up of the individuals who form the system.

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