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I hate to bring up a point I have raised before, but this list is again
mixing up responsibilities between different levels of govt. For example:
Garbage disposal (clearly a local govt. job) and river-cleanup (state and
possibly Central govt. job).

Once we start mixing these up, IP will lose intellectual clarity. I think we
need to discuss this matter.


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>Effective Water management policy
>Ensuring proper sewage treatment and maintenance of equipment
>Controlling vehicular pollution
>Enforcement on industries to follow the regulations
>Banning dangerous fertilizers and pesticides
>Banning hazardous drugs (I am not sure but i think we still have
>   banned substances in india)
>Ensuring timely garbage clearance and proper disposal
>Limits on noise and odour pollution in industries
>Encouragement of alternate sources of energy like solar and wind energy
> (This might not cover more than 5% of total energy but I think we should
>   still go in for it)
>Enabling citizens to take legal recourse on environmental issues in
>  an easy manner
>Using latest technology in afforestation ( Whenever I see a documentary
> on this subject, I see a vehicle planting several trees. I am not sure
> is done in india)
>Cleaning of Rivers
>Wildlife conservation

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