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On Sat, 26 Sep 1998 Ajay.Gandhi@cinenet.net wrote:
> I don't see why IP should not have copyrights over all messages posted 
> to the mailing list. Unless the sender expressly reserves them.
> That would be the right approach.

Ajay: While I think this list, website and domain, is essentially free (or
has been funded by Suresh Rajagopalan and Antony Joseph), and a lot of
people have put in huge effort in making it happen (the web developers,
graphics designers, moderators, the Rapporteurs, etc.), we would be not
only undermining this effort but laying claim on something that we do have
not paid for. If IPI PAYS for each contribution, then these copyrights
would belong to it. Else not. 

In particular, many of us, including me, intend to re-hash our own posts
to convert into a publishable documents after thorough editing and formal
research. I was writing a book for about 2 years in my spare time in order
to directly engage Utkarsh and a few others in working out a better set of
policies for ourselves - as citizens. But I must return to the book sooner
or later, since I do want to keep on 'paper' record what I feel India -
and in fact, Pakistand and Bangladesh, have seriously some need of. 

The book was intended to be a 'Just-do-it!' book. It was intended to be
written in a style to wake up people in remote villages, and corners of
India. In fact, ALL of us who are serious about changing India must start
a blitz of this type. Short books, simply written, blitzing the railways
stalls in India. They will have to be cheaply produced and very cheaply
priced, and translated at least into Hindi, if not all the languages. In
fact, I am willing to let IPI be the publisher for such books and develop
its credibility as a Policy institute - though we must consider this issue
carefully - whether we want to enter a business where we might be wasting
our time and limited resources as a very tiny group, yet.

Let me say as follows: It is the 18-25 year olds of India who determine
India, both by their voting behavior as well as by their being the future
leaders. These people have been fed on rubbish for the last 50 years. Not
only are good books not available, but practically none are available in
the local languages. We as the educated folk have a strong tendency to
publish in standard journals and through standard publishers. That
audience is actually pretty well-settled in the existing system and all
this talk of growth does not bother them. They have their cars and houses,
and above all! - SERVANTS!! They are not going to change things no matter
how much we write in academic journals or as standard books with equations
and theorems.

It is the small town folk and rural folk for whom we have to write. Blunt,
agressive writing, showing the true cause of India's inglorious state
today. Please let us allow (since that is how the initial conditions were
set), everyone to retain full copyrights on what they post, unless we get
their specific permission to post some extracts of their writings, or we
pay them for it, or they want us to publish it for them.

That way we also retain a kind of 'glass house drawing room effect' over
the e-mail messages. People have been posting articles from all over -
journals, magazines. These postings would land us in trouble if we were to
claim copyrights over all e-mail postings. Let the cosy atmosphere of a
living room (since that is perhaps from where most of us are communicating
from inside our houses) - remain. As far as I am concerned, this is simply
my extended living room - legally! We are a chain of living rooms!

Thanks, SS

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