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Sorry about this confusing msg. The one on the top was by a friend who
wrote to me - I had forwarded it to the list to show that this is a
well-studied subject, and this looking up to God as a solution is a
"sanity-preserving" technique. Sorry if it appeared in a very odd format.

On Sat, 26 Sep 1998 Sanjeev.Sabhlok@cinenet.net wrote:

> Hi Sanjeev,
>     Sorry I don't have any of the references handy but there has been
> some analysis on this subject. The jist of the argument was that this inward 
> looking behvior wrt to religion/corruption/evil etc developed as a coping technique
> to deal with external events that one no longer had control over or say in.
> Contributing factors indicated included foreign subjugation and caste. So this
> attitude took a while to build.
> This is also manifested in the daily sphere of the home wherein inside
> our houses we are meticulously tidy and clean but just outside our
> doors is filth and we don't feel responsible for it etc.
> So what developed as a sanity preserving technique against excesses has
> now worked itself more deeply into people's thinking and goes 
> unquestioned.
> Be as it may, the fact remains that we do have to deal with this type
> of thinking which is quite widespread.
> >>This is a weekend posting on a topic unrelated to anything. 
> >>
> >>I am getting quite apprehensive. We, or at least I, seem to be thinking on
> >>a completely different plane from the average Indian.
> >>
> >>In the past year, I have discussed India's problems in detail with five
> >>persons, each older than 60 years of age - who came over to USA to meet
> >>their family members.
> >>
> >>Almost all these views are the same: India is corrupt because our 'people'
> >>have lost their moral sense. We need more Godliness in India. These
> >>intellectual thinkings about the causes of corruption are false. These are
> >>western ideas not applicable to India. We need men like Gandhi at this
> >>stage, not western concepts of openness and competition. The businessmen
> >>in India are the true cause of corruption. Do not look at the 'taker'
> >>along, look at the 'giver.' We have to reform the businessmen.
> >>
> >>On talking about paying our elected representatives Rs. 1 per person per
> >>year, thus giving an MP an official salary of Rs.20 laks a year, the
> >>response: the people are so bad: what makes you think that giving them
> >>Rs.20 lakhs will make them honest? When I reply: that is because honest
> >>people will enter politics and give a great fight and competition to these
> >>people: there is a sense of disbelief.  We are a corrupt people. We cannot
> >>ever attract honest people into politics. Nothing is ever going to work.
> >>Let us get more of God. (by the way, each of these five persons were
> >>personally very honest. They thought that 'others' are corrupt, and that
> >>honest people are not supposed to be in politics!)
> >>
> >>Trend: clearly toward greater and greater sense of alienation from the
> >>existing reality. Nothing can be done in this world. Let us withdraw into
> >>our own shell. We are unique. India is a special case. These people are
> >>very surprised when they come to the western countries and find that
> >>things are working! These Americans are very honest. They must be very
> >>god-fearing, is the standard conclusion. And of course, the Americans are
> >>socialists since they have a social security system.
> >>
> >>What's wrong with us Indians? Have we lost our mind?  Can we not apply a
> >>critical and a logical mind to analyze the simple cause of all this
> >>corruption: terrible electoral policies and socialism? We need a major
> >>attack on these depressing and pessimistic view of ourselves. We are not
> >>all corrupt. In fact, a vast majority are NOT corrupt. We do have our
> >>share of 'bad' people but such people would have found themselves behind
> >>bars in any decent system. The problem is that we have been supporting a
> >>system which quickly sucks up the bad folk and honors them with top
> >>positions. 
> >>
> >>How do you explain such things to people? Is it going to be impossible to
> >>explain these things to our people, ever? In that case, we might as well
> >>wind up this effort and shut down this "freedom and sense shop."
> >>
> >>SS
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