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Needed: some action

(did I send this yesterday? If so, pl. forgive the duplication: SS)

Puneet is back from a longish trip to India. Some nice extracts from a
mail of his:

"While in India I picked up Nehru's Discovery of India and he insists on
action, that is what we need to do. Lesser administrative hoops (same a
beuracracy, red tapism?), lesser talk, its time to jump in with the waves!

"While in India, I absolutely loved some of its historical richness and
was again reminded of what more it can be. I was at Agra, Varanasi and
Sarnath and saw how India had done so much thousands of years ago and yet
today we have a lack of so much. Its a just a matter of action. A sense of
ownership, responsibility and action needs to be rejuvinated/cultivated
amongst the mass of India."


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