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Re: Infrastructure debate

Sanjeev wrote:

> As a first suggestion, could I suggest that the work earlier done (which
> is already on the web) be put up at the head of this work? I also had
> submitted it to the list yesterday. I really would like to see a sense of
> continuity in the work: people have actually ruined their health in this
> process of debating and the previous work must be at the very top. New
> work comes next. The final work can be a 'cross' between the two,
> whichever is the consensus. Thanks for your consideration for other
> people's time! thanks!!SS

Sanjeev, the work done earlier is not lost. There is definitely a continuity
in the debate since I usually retrieve as many points as possible from
the archives and post it while announcing the subject. The points you
posted were also included in my first post.
Don't you think the person compiling the points should do it by grouping
them according to relevance rather than in chronological order? Anyhow,
this is a minor issue. If we can collect all points in one mail, it would
while coming up with the manifesto.


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