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Re: min.wage

Sanjeev wrote:

> I had spent many, many man hours trying to explain this issue. the
> consensus then became that there should be NO minimum wage legally
> enforceable. However, there could be a 'desirable' min. wage which the
> industry and govt. can set up. 

I saw those posts and was under the impression that the consensus was for
including the clause in the manifesto. That is why I included that point.
I'll try to post a summary sometime (if not now, at least after we are
through with all topics once. we could also discuss it again if it is not
resolved by then)
I would like to know how social security can be implemented without
a minimum wage. For example, I might prefer the dole to exerting myself
if the pay is not enough. Also, won't the min wage rule be fair to employers
as well as employees? Why should it be created in such a way that
only the employees benefit? By minimum, we mean minimum, i.e., the
point below which it clearly becomes exploitation (in other words, even
the usual one meal in every two days is out of reach)


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