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My apologies!

Arvind wrote to me:

> http://www.indiapolicy.org/debate/manifesto.html which houses the official
> consensus of various debates). I would urge that you restrict yourself to
> the web while preparing the basic consensus. Then, dig into the past
> debates if the material appears not comprehensive enough. Mere 2-line
> paras in the manifesto were often the result of 50 pages or more of
> debates. They pack a lot of punch! See this one:

Sanjeev, i somehow missed this one in the manifesto!
Normally, i start in the manifesto and note down the points. I then
look at the old posts for more points. finally, i add some of my own.
Restricting to the manifesto will mean that we lose lots of valuable
points which have been discussed. Of course, i shouldn't have goofed
this one especially as it is explicitly mentioned in the manifesto.

My comment: 

Actually, all of us on this list are maniacs, doing a completely thankless
job. No one is going to come out and say we did something worthwhile or
necessary. There will be blame all around: this was not 'professionally'
done, this was missing, that was wrong, etc. I am prepared for it. We all
should be prepared for it.

So: whatever you do, DON'T belittle yourself. You did NOT goof up. You did
your best and I might have been a little harsh: so I apologize. I have no
right to be so blunt: after all, I did not spend the time to sort out

I think you are doing a very fine job. In fact, a great job. We have had a
huge and enthusiastic bunch of folk doing great jobs right along. Remember
Karthik? So just ignore this blunt old man, and proceed. We are all


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