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comments from constables:

(this is the last off-topic posting: Sunday has just closed 15 minutes ago
at Los Angeles and it is now Monday!)

Just to confirm my strong view - about the basic integrity of the folk who
join our services. These are comments from police constables. They are
talking honestly and this is what you hear:

(from http://www.deccan.com/2cover.html)

"The study was conducted on 172 head constables including some serving
sub-inspectors, who were undergoing a promotional training course at the
Andhra Pradesh Police Academy last year.

"Some of the candid comments of the respondents are: "there can be no
change in the justice system as long as law making is in the hands of
politicians who mingle with criminals"; "the department should be freed
from the clutches of politicians and dishonest officers"; "the extremist
problem could be tackled easily if the role of politicians diminish"; "and
a police job is like dancing on a sword."

"Some respondents even blamed the nexus between politicians and superior
officers. Referring to corruption in the department, the respondents felt
that the higher-ups should set an example to the subordinates by
maintaining integrity and honesty. The superiors should also stop
enslaving the subordinates, they said.

"The interviewees also said that the law was being enforced only on middle
and lower class offenders, whereas political and white collar criminals
were going scot free. Justice is not within the reach of the common man
and crime rate has gone up due to loopholes in it, they said."


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