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Comment : Copyright

Dear Friends,

A debate has been going on for the last couple of
days about the question of Copyrights between
Ajay and SS. (Original messages follow my

The desire of Mr. Ajay to have access to
interesting material is easy to understand but
the objections raised by SS are valid.

I think the matter can be solved in this way :
The Copyright should rest with the Origianl
Author but he should grant Permission to IPI to
use the matter in their publications as long as
they acknowledge due credit to the Original
Author in the Preface of the publication or some
such prominent place such as at the end of the
article or matter so published.

As for the other ( correct ) objection raised by
SS regarding article sent in, that are excerpts
from newspapers, magazines etc, the contributors
should be expressly requested to enclose the
matter in inverted commas or sparate borders and
to name the source from where the matter is
extracted. This would be a sufficient indication
to  IPI  that the related matter should NOT  be
used in their publication without obtaining
permission from the original source.

If this solves your problem, the underrsigned is
glad to be of service.

With Regards,

Vinay Chandekar.

Original exchange of letters bet. Ajay & SS :=20

Dear Sanjeev

The reason I think IPI should have copyrights on contribution given
to it is that it should have the freedom to use it whenever required.
Unwitting use should not make it liable for uninvited claims or =

Wherever the author desires, he can reserve copyrights to himself.
Like you should be doing with respect to your original works.


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