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Re: Infrastructure: some lastest info


You may want to enlighten us on the PLANNING process in the govt. Although
in most of the infrastructure debates we have been talking about
privatising IMPLEMENTAION  of infrastructure projects,  we haven't covered
much ground on the planning process. 

> e.g., "Our National Highways must be brought up to international
> standards. I am providing Rs.500 crore for the National Highways
> of India to catalyse new road projects including four-laning of existing
> National Highways"

I suspect that Yaswant Sinha's projections are based on the previous year's
budget and has very little to to with the actual infracstructure reqd by
the country for the next decade. 

Should we not discuss who should be accountable for the Planning Process?
Can this be 
privatised?  Anyone know of any countries experience in this respect? 
Whether it should be top down (as it is currently in India)  or bottom up? 
How the persons  behind planning and implementation processes are made

IMO, the planning process has to be have long term stability and should not
be unsettled by political ambitions of persons with short term political
careers - 

To acheive long term stability do we limit the dextrity of a political
appointees (spell check!)  through a policy  in the manifesto OR create an
autonomous body that has powers to advice/evaluate and/or reject an elected
representative's (minister's) allocations for specific infrastructure


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