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Soul Searching.

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Hi everyone,

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Original From Arvind :
"I should object to this sweeping generalization. The least you can do is
assume that the people you come into contact with are honest, especially 
when you know nothing about them. If you have solid proof that the"

Dear Arvind,

Please do not take the remarks of Ms Santha literally.
I have also referred to this matter in her letter and commented on it in 
my posting on Clarification & The Bend in the River.

I do not refer to persons on this IPI list. And neither does she, I 
think. This is general observation about people who travel outside India 
not for tourism but more or less as a Carrier. They make a lot of money 
buying things abroad and seeling it off in India.

As far as the people on this list are concerned, how can one imagine 
even making such a charge. These are some of best-hearted people all
motivated by the single thought to contribute something towards  helping 
India overcome its "shackles".

I find people posting mail at all hours of morning - 4.30 a.m. which 
means they  forfeit a lot of comfort and pleasure. No one in his right 
mind would accuse this set of doing things referred to by Ms Shantha or 

I hope this clarifies things.

All my very best Regards to you,

Sincerely yours,

Vinay Chandekar.

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