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Re: Resources == the gutter

I second that, Prem and Sanjeev. By now the Principles of Wealth
Creation on
a societal level (as well as personal level) are well established:
incentives for entrepreneurs and risk-takers (mainly by getting out of
way!), respect property-rights, have low marginal taxes on income and
capital gains, have a transparent banking system, etc.

We on IP do not need to invent anything new. Let's just make use of the
enormous amount of experimentation that has gone on over the years of
civilization, and learn from that.

- manoj

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From: Prem Rallabandi <psr3855@chendec1.tamu.edu>

>Thanks for that message Sanjeev. I think this is one of the most
>profound pieces of information we have heard on this forum. I believe
>that this is the kind of hard-hitting IP has to take up to shake
>India out of the slumber it wallows in. I propose that we have a
>'Principles of wealth creation' section on IP that can highlight such
>data. This is what our youth should be meditating on if we really want
>India to be rich and powerful.

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