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Re: Resources == the gutter

Dear Manoj:
                Thanks for your message. I agree that there has been a
lot of
work carried out in this area, and there is hardly any need for IP to
these concepts. But what we do need to do (and, are doing a great job of
so far)
is to package these ideas for popular consumption. As Snajeev had
remarked, IP's job is to persuade people to look at things in a
different light,
in a scientific light. So, my point is that we ought to write some nice
up and put it on the webpage in a prominent position that is deserves. I
wondering if any of the more folks on this list, for example you, can
spare some
time to do this for the benefit of the rest of us.

> I second that, Prem and Sanjeev. By now the Principles of Wealth
> Creation on a societal level (as well as personal level) are well established:
> create incentives for entrepreneurs and risk-takers (mainly by getting out of
> their way!), respect property-rights, have low marginal taxes on income and
> capital gains, have a transparent banking system, etc.
> We on IP do not need to invent anything new. Let's just make use of the
> enormous amount of experimentation that has gone on over the years of
> human civilization, and learn from that.
> - manoj

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