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Re: Slightly updated Objectives, + administrative

Kaushik has a nice paper in a volume edited by Bimal Jalan on the Indian


At 02:06 PM 9/28/98 -0700, you wrote:
>The new Objectives for IPI read as follows:
>To host and facilitate The National Debate on System Reform primarily
>through the IndiaPolicy Discussion list designed to produce the highest
>level policy document that we as Indians can give ourselves. The National
>Debate would be focused on the production of The People's Manifesto, an
>internally consistent document with various levels of detail compatible
>with the rights of, and integrity of, each of us as Free Citizens of
>India. To be more precise, this document would contain the National Social
>Contract, authorizing specific tasks to the government and prohibiting it
>from others not so specified.
>To publish, annually, this People's Manifesto, to be updated annually. The
>first edition will be published on the 1st of January, 2000 AD, and
>subsequent editions would be published on the 1st of January, each year,
>thereafter, constituting the consensus of as many Indians as possible.
>This primary publication of IPI would be on the web or otherwise priced
>merely to meet the costs. Other, priced, documents might be published from
>time to time at the discretion of the Institute.
>To network with various advocacy and political economy institutes/
>citizens groups all over the world which seek to determine and infuence
>public policy in India, in order to involve them in this thinking process.
>To help communicate and train people in these best ideas without deviating
>from the primary purpose.
>Please vet. We must all be very clear about what we are doing since these
>objectives will go into the Memorandum of Association.
>a) Please welcome Prof. Deepak Lal of the Univ. of California at Los
>Angeles, as Advisor of IPI. He has written some outstanding material that
>would be of interest to us. He had resigned long ago from the Indian
>Foreign Service in order to take up an academic career. As usual, one has
>high expectations from the Advisors in terms of guiding this effort into
>making it a truly national debate.
>b) Prof. Kaushik Basu, being very busy at the moment with his World Bank
>assignment, has agreed to consider being on the Editorial Board of IPI,
>sometime next summer. Please remind me to write to him sometime next
>summer. In the meanwhile if we could find some of his key recommendations
>and put up on the web (with his permission) that would be a good start.
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