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Noise Pollution

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
	Any educated middle class citizen in Indian towns would have come
across the traumatic experience of
	bearing noise pollution in the form of marriage celebrations, Ganesh
Festivals etc.
	I know it is imperative to take permission from local police for any
such thing but is there any one ensuring that.
	First of all why should it be allowed even if one seeks permission
!. Because those moderate citizens do not
	want trouble with arrogant groups, prefer to bear with noise or even
send their children
	who undergo exams to a distant place like that of friends or

	Small topics which affect our daily life are also believed to find
room in this debating forum.

	1) How best we can implement noise pollution .It should be
considered some thing at par with
	   drug addiction .
	2) Immediately there can be a question that can say why Namaaz?
	3) The answer can not be ready made, since 5 mt Namaaz is noise
polluting or hours long film songs in Ganesh pandals are polluting
	   it is best known to wise .
	4) Honoring all religions and faiths, Just as processions are
allowed, 'Noise' for not more than
	  few minutes should be allowed in any town.
	5) In the current volatile atmosphere of Islamic fanaticism, no govt
would have guts to enforce
	   mike less Namaaz. Now that does not mean rest of society has to
bear with noise torture
	   in silly competition by various forms !.
	6) I feel the best solution is to bring out legislation banning all
noise from mikes in public that is more than few minutes in a 
	span of 2 or three hours. This will accommodate centuries old
tradition of Namaaz (with or with out mike) and any
	 Public Interest announcements by police etc. or even some poojas by
Hindus.But common man is spared from torture.


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