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Fw: Completely misguided arguments on compulsory education: 2

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Enakshi Ganguly Thukral / Kishore Thukral <thukral@del3.vsnl.net.in> said:

>it needs
>to be clarified here-compulsory means that it is compulsory on the state to
>provide Universal elementary education for all and not on the parents at
>this stage. 

Strange meaning of compulsion! How do we compel the state? What is the
state anyway? When we already have lakhs of teachers in place (paid by
citizens) who do not attend school, and live elsewhere, because of complete
absence of parental control, does this now mean that we arrest and torture
these teachers? Or do we torture the education ministers, our
representatives paid to do this job of making teachers attend? Or maybe the
Prime Minister? Or why not the Head of GOI, the President of India? A few
years ago I was Secretary in the Education Dept. of a state. Was I supposed
to be tortured, or was the guilty man my Commissioner or the Under
Secretary or Director of Elementary Education? Somewhere coercion has to be
used. Where? Or do you wish to impose a fine of Rs. 50 on everyone after a
legal case costing the exchequer lakhs of rupees which will drag on for 20
years? I want to see the various laws across the world on this strange
subject before commenting further. 

BTW, what is the harm in simply asking for parental control over the
education system? That itself will revolutionize education. The use of such
words as 'compulsion' is very distracting, to say the least.


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