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From Anurag

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dear Anurag: Very good questions. I will try to respond to your's and
other's queries through a paper I am trying to write. Of course, others are
free to answer/ comment. In the meanwhile, pl. try to devise a system
whereby you incentivise the 'good' to join politics; all our 'greatness' as
Indians is no good unless we can solve this problem. Surely there are some
CV Ramans still with us.

BTW, it was fun talking to you guys at VGSOM, Kharagpur, last month.     

At 08:54 PM 03/03/2000 IST, "anurag jain" <anurag_jain10@hotmail.com> wrote:
>Dear Mr. Sanjeev,
>To introduce myself i am among the few lucky ones to have a direct 
>interactive session with you, courtsey Prof. Roy & VGSOM.
>Regarding the laws i'd some reservations,
>To make their remuneration resonable you are proposing for the hike in their 
>present salary. But this may possibly have more than one implications, it is 
>quite possible that even with attractive salary the honest people may still 
>not find it attactive enough to join politics, as you are postulating. This 
>will be a real cause of concern as it may just boomrang upon us and more 
>corrupt and anti-social element may find it further rewarding to join 
>Hence the total purpose will be defeated.
>Waiting for your comments
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