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incentives to join public life

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dear Umesh, I would like you to give me ONLY that package of reforms which
will ensure that (a) you can enter politics, and (b) ensure that if you are
a corrupt minister, I will be able, as a citizen, to detect that and throw
you out. That is the acid test.

Bureaucratic corruption and all that the CVC does, I don't care for much,
at least as a major issue, since all my life I have seen it supported and
fanned by political corruption. And our system GENERATES political
corruption. So let us hit that first.

BTW, do read each and every word of 

a) http://www.indiapolicy.org/clearinghouse/corruption_political.html and
related links (I am going to add some more based on further fresh
experiences in studying political leaders), and 

b) Chapter 1 of the manifesto 2000.2

After that, please contradict the points already in the manifesto with your
arguments and alternative package.

This package should, as stated above, ensure that (a) you can enter
politics, and (b) ensure that if you are a corrupt minister, I will be
able, as a citizen, to detect that and throw you out. At that point we
should have a major debate, if necessary. 

Please do not forget to mention how you will raise the LAKHS and even
CRORES required to run your compaign, and survive happily if you lose; how
you will feed the hundreds of visitors who come to your house as a Minister
daily, how you will fund the folks who come to you for donations for their
local causes -- temples, charity, sports meets, etc., and WHY you will give
up your existing job and whatever it pays for the sake of possibly being
shot and killed like two of our PMs and many ministers in the north-eastern
states of India. One minster was killed in Assam only a few days ago.

I believe that our corrupt politicians are doing India a fantastic service:
at least we are getting a semblance of democracy from them, instead of army
rule and dictatorships that abound in our neighbourhood. They have
repeatedly thrown the challenge to the 'good' to come forward and compete.
But the so-called good have always avoided this challenge. Something is
seriously wrong.

Let us see if "we" the so-called good people can throw a serious challenge
to the system. The citizens wish their MPs to serve their needs like
magicians for Rs. 4,500 per month!! My peons get more. And they want the
MPs to not take donations from anyone (ban corporate donations as you
said)!!!! Wow!! That's surely magical.

Sadly, magic does not work in real life.

At 04:34 PM 03/07/2000 -0800, Umesh wrote:

>It is not so simple to attract honest people with sense of honor and dignity
>to throw themselves in public life when it is filled with anti social
>elements all around, and little or no means in the law books for them to
>stay in course without getting hurt. 
>To call it merely a Salary and remuneration issue is wrong. Most honest
>people, who take up public cause, they are compelled by their desire to do
>public good, and that is a deciding factor and not the salary, even though
>they ought to have a salary that allows them to live off of it. 
>However, the argument to make their salaries comparable to what they have to
>spend in election campaigns is preposterous.
>The only way you can facilitate cleansing of the system, discourage
>criminals and anti socials to sneak into public offices, and encourage
>ordinary, honest and common man to run for public offices is electoral
>reform, and I mean real reform the following way :
>1. Complete transparency on accounting of campaign donations. Public must be
>provided with the instant record through internet and 
>   other news media the complete account of donations into individual
>political campaigns.
>2. Complete ban on corporate donations. Big companies with their big money
>should not be allowed to buy elections for their favorite 
>   candidates. This completely defeats the purpose of the process and
>essence of democracy. This also has an inherent conflict of 
>   interest in terms of individual private companies having their influence
>in deciding who the law maker is going to be, who will enact 
>   laws that will govern the way these and other companies will
>function,and/or compete in the marketplace while trying to deliver
>  goods and services to the people, which may or may not be in the best
>interest of the citizens.
>3. Clearer laws that shows individual citizens legitimate ways to raise
>campaign funds in order to run for public office, and also very 
>   clear and strict guidelines on accounting of such funds so that such
>public donations are not used to finance personal expenses of 
>  the candidates or his/her personal friends/family on matters unrelated to
>the election campaign. 
>This is the National Debate on System Reform.       debate@indiapolicy.org
>Rules, Procedures, Archives:            http://www.indiapolicy.org/debate/

This is the National Debate on System Reform.       debate@indiapolicy.org
Rules, Procedures, Archives:            http://www.indiapolicy.org/debate/