All mail sent to the Debate goes to a mailbox called

Accessing the mailbox:

SMTP server
username		moderate

When you log into this mailbox, you will find 'bounced' messages from
various people. Plese make sure that only the relevant ones are posted to
IPI. We are getting more and more strict reg. what is postable and what is
not. A lot of junk mail comes from various organizations. That should be
deleted summarily.

1. Do read each mail that is received and check if it is OK for posting.
If it is not, pl. inform the person why you rejected it, and how, if that
person wants, that mail can be suitably modified and resubmitted (this
does not hold for junk mail).
2. If a mail is approved for posting to the debate, then you have to
follow the following steps very carefully:

i.   Use the forward key of Pine to foward mail.
ii.  Send To:
iii. Make sure that there is nothing in the subject line.
iv.  Now, at the top of the body area: the following should be inserted in
the first 4 lines EXACTLY as it is given below:

Approved: [password2: given separately to moderator]
From: [whomever is posting that message]
Subject: [whatever the subject of the msg as posted by the person]

[this order is very important: cut and paste is a good idea]

v.  Remove ALL junk such as headers, etc. Clean up the mail to ensure that
there is very little duplication of material (we dont' want members from
India to be paying huge money for big messages). 

vi. Send the mail.

You might have a little trouble the first time. Please try out and see how
it works.