Battling reactionary and socialist forces


A discussion and strategy forum for heads of non-political organisations in India that promote liberal values, -- also involving special invitees

Promoting liberal values: rule of law, good citizenship, the “greatness” of all of us as ordinary people, tolerance, ethical behaviour, and more

 FAQ on communal questions

  1. Centre for Civil Society
  2. Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative
  3. Fountain of Justice
  4. Freedom First
  5. Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung
  6. India Policy Institute
  7. Indian Liberal Group
  8. Janaagraha
  9. Liberty Institute
  10. Lok Satta
  11. Manushi
  12. National Network for India
  13. People's Forum
  14. Praja Foundation
  15. Project for Economic Education
  16. Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies
  17. Shetkari Sangathana


Engage with your urban governments: Janaagraha (Bangalore) | Praja Foundation (Mumbai)


Fight for justice: Fountain of Justice


Demand Electoral Reform: Lok Satta


Join Election Watch:

Lok Satta (Andhra) | Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (Delhi and other states)


Fight for farmer’s liberation from choking government controls:

Shetkari Sangathana

Demand Religious tolerance: Promise of India | National Network for India


Fight corruption: Praja Foundation


Fight for the freedom of small enterprise (rickshaw pullers, fishermen): Manushi


Get trained in liberalism: Centre for Civil Society


Read and understand liberalism: Centre for Civil Society | Manushi | India Policy Institute | Freedom First | Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung | Liberty Institute



If your organisation subscribes to liberalism and wishes to enter the shamiana, please write to Shamiana Receptionist at sabhlok AT yahoo DOT com.