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Anti-Corruption Crusade
List of Certified Corrupt Citizens of India

Hats off to the CVC Mr. Vittal for putting up the names of corrupt IAS/ IPS officers on the internet.

Mr. Vittal should now see if such a list of corrupt representatives of the people, who actually support such officers (see the Laws of Indian Corruption), can be made public. It is to be kept in mind, though, that currently, such work is beyond the jurisdiction of the CVC.

14 point Zero-Tolerance Zone against corruption

 Zero-Tolerance Zone 

Corruption perception index of all government departments and banks 
Demand and supply sides of corruption be treated equally 
Annual property returns of MPs and ministers 
Mobilise youth to fight corruption 
CVC Bill must be made into law 
Lay traps and ensure speedy disciplinary action through department action 
Encourage juniors to squeal on shady seniors and pass "Whistle-blower Act" 
Freedom of Information Act to empower public 
E-governance and IT to check corruption 
Remove obsolete laws through sunset principles 
Remove laws that promote corruption 
Enact Corrupt Public Servants Act 
Implement the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, 1988 

Open Forum to lodge your allegations of corruption

IPI shall put up all allegations of corruption against any officer/ minister on this web site. ALL Indian citizens should feel free to write down their allegations and send these over with evidence to info@indiapolicy.org with a copy to vigilance@hub.nic.in (CVC). Replies received will also be put up here.

Vohra Committee Report | Word version

Comments on the Vohra Report (Word format)

Laws of Political Corruption

Laws of Bureaucratic Corruption