Social Capital in India

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Think tanks

Women's Organizations

    -- Single Women's Organization.
    Contact: Indira, F/7 Sagar Apartments, Behind Doordarshan, Opp.Sarthi Hotel, Bodak-Dev Road, Ahmedabad 380054.
    -- SEWA --- the Self-Employed Women's Association is a trade union, a coop bank, and much more.

    -- Joint Women's Programme. Director: Jyotsna Chatterji.
    Contact 73 Miller's Road, Benson Town, P.O. Box 4600, Bangalore 560046. Phone:080-333335
    (also has branches in Delhi, Calcutta, Madras)
    -- Streelekha, a feminist bookstore. 67, II Floor, Blumoon Complex, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bangalore.

    -- Forum Against Oppression of Women (India) is a campaign group which takes up issues like dowry, wife-beating, sexual harassment.
    Contact: (email).
    29 Bhatia Bhawan, Babrekar Marg, Gokhale Road (North), Dadar (West),Bombay 400028.

    -- Joint Women's Programme. Director: Jyotsna Chatterji.
    Contact: 16 Elgin Road, Calcutta 700020. Phone:033-749945
    (also has branches in Delhi, Bangalore, Madras)
    -- Stree, a feminist bookstore. 16 Southern Avenue, Calcutta 700 026.
    -- Sachetna, 31, Mahairban Road, Calcutta helps victims of domestic violence.
    -- Socio-Legal Aid Research and Training Center, P-112 Lake Terrace, Calcutta, helps victims of domestic violence.
    -- Pragatisheel Mahila Manch, 211 N. Ho Chi Minh Road, Sarania, Behala, Calcutta 700 061.
    -- Swayam, near Ballygunge/Park Ave, helps victims of domestic violence.

    -- The Center for Feminist Legal Research promotes women's human rights through workshops, training and seminars for women, and the development of feminist legal research in India.
    -- Sakshi is a violence intervention center in New Delhi. They provide training, research, counselling, credit, and education.
    -- Sakhi is the first visible lesbian organization established in India. (They're not related to the New York organization of the same name!
    Contact: Giti Thadani, P.O. Box 3526, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi 110024.
    -- Jagori, a women's organization.
    Contact: C-54 South Extension, Part Two, New Delhi. Phone:642-7015
    -- Saheli: a women's organization.
    Contact: 105-108 Shopping Complex,Defense Colony Flyover, New Delhi 110024. Phone:461-6485
    -- Joint Women's Programme. Director: Jyotsna Chatterji.
    Contact: CISRS, 14 Jangpura B, Mathura Road, New Delhi 110014, Phone:461-9821, fax:462-3681
    (also has branches in Bangalore, Calcutta, Madras)
    -- Kali for Women, a feminist bookstore.
    B 1/8 Hauz Khas, 1st floor, New Delhi 110 016
    phone: 6852530 / 6864497
    fax: 91-11-6864497 / + 6866720

    -- Joint Women's Programme. Director: Jyotsna Chatterji.
    Contact: JWP No.15 Ramalinga Nagar, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Kottivakkam, Thiruvanmiyur, Madras 800041.
    (also has branches in Delhi, Bangalore, Calcutta)
    -- The Working Women's Forum , Madras, India is an association of unorganized or informal women workers who provide small-scale loans, and mobilize women for economic and social action.
    **Sisters, for polycultural lesbians. P.O. Box 26, Tambaram, Madras 600 059
    --Sneha provides emotional support to the lonely, the depressed, and the suicidal.

    **Asmita ("Identity") Resource Center for Women, Sikandrabad. Asmita's volunteers work in rural areas, raising the consciousness of women on issues like rape, domestic violence, health and reproductive issues. Asmita has begun to theorize about their experiences, and is publishing anthologies of short stories and poetry written by and for women.
    Executive President: "Volga" (Lalitha Kumari Popuri). Road 2, West Maredpalli, Sikandrabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. city code 40 tel. no. 780 3745 fax 40- 841697

    Tamil Nadu
    **Rural Women Development Society organizes and educates rural women with economic development programs. Many of the workers in RWDS and the women they work with are Dalits. Rural Women Development Society, No. 1, New Muslim Street Polur Road Tiruvannamalai - 606 601, T.S.R. District, Tamil Nadu. Phone: 04175-24464

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