Studies showing the relationship
between growth and removal of poverty

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Working with time-series data, Ahluwalia, Carter, and Chenery (1979) and Fields (1980) found that an increase in poverty with growth is very much the exception. Fields (1991) tested the hypothesis that economic growth tends to reduce poverty and found that out of 18 countries, poverty fell in 14, rose in three and exhibited no clear tendency in one. Fields (1991) also found that rapid economic growth tends strongly to reduce poverty. The East Asian miracles are sufficient proof of this.

In the same vein, the contrary position, of economic decline, is seen to increase poverty. Addisson and Demery (1985), World Bank (1986), Edgren and Muqtada (1986), and Lee (1987) find that this is what happened in many developing countries that experienced negative economic growth in the 1980s. In two of the three cases where poverty rose, the economies suffered an economic decline.


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