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Internal Code of Conduct

All members of this (hypothetical) ideal political party would have to subscribe to this Code of Conduct. The concept here is that a Political Party is like a corporation that provides "governance services" to the people, and therefore it must provide a GUARANTEE to the People of good quality both of its candidates and of the services provided in lieu of being elected.

Minimum qualifications:

    * Only taxpayers with a history of paying income tax for 5 years would be eligible to contest on behalf of the ideal party.

    * All those who wish to contest will have to publicly declare their tax returns and assets on the internet

    * Basic educational qualifications: 4 years of college

    * Basic political training: 1 year certificate course in the Institute run by the party. Course would include basics of policy, governance, economics, communication.

    * No criminal case pending in court (something to do with reasonability to be added here)
    * Party whips would only be used for bills or procedures which might affect the confidence in a sitting government. For all other purposes, elected members of the Party would be free to vote on the basis of their conscience.

Internal checks:
    * Any complaint about integrity of an elected member would be investigated within 15 days by an internal Corruption Squad.

    * Any elected member not declaring assets publicly each year by a fixed date would be terminated from membership of the party, permanently.

    * The Party shall ensure that decorum is maintained by its members on the floor of the Parliament/ Legislative Assemblies. Apart from thorough training in procedures and norms, members would face internal disciplinary action proportionate to the nature and frequency of the behavior.

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