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Concerns of a Free Citizen

These are some of the concerns that need to be addressed by policy. Most of these concerns arise from the possible misuse of power 'loaned' out by the citizen to other citizens. While addressing these concerns, the effort must always be to make as sharp an instrument as possible, to pick out and solve a particular problem, rather than a blunt instrument, which indiscriminately hurts other parts of the society while 'solving' this concern.

Positive concerns:

* I want an environment where I, my family, and everyone else, is rewarded based on their effort, capability, creativity, and actual contribution. In particular, I want to be able to become as rich as I want to be, given the effort I put in.

* I want to be able to live my life in whatever way I please, subject only to the constraint that I respect the basic social norms of decency and non-injury to others.

Negative concerns:

* While enabling myself and others to become as rich as we can, I do not want to give others the power to fix prices which are based on monopolistic practices.

* I want those who are physically and mentally handicapped to be provided assistance to live a decent human life, even though they may be unable to contribute in any way to society.

* Officials/ politicans should not commit theft of public property.

* Production units (small or big firms) should not be allowed to pollute air, water and land.

* Strikes by workers should be dealt with through negotiation by the parties concerned and not through use of the state's force.

* Public infrastructure should be provided equitably across the country to the extent possible.

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