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Help Write a Flyer

Flyers are needed to be written (first in English and then translated into all Indian languages) to communicate the findings of the debates to the people of India. If you can help write these 1-page flyers on various topics, please volunteer. Flyers could have simple black and white graphics and charts. The Arial font should be used, and simple, bold text. The flyers will be converted into PDF format and will be downloadable from all over the world. Send mail to sabhlok@indiamail.com.

Illustrative List of Flyers

This is a very tentative list; neither are the topics finalized yet, nor are the contents. None of the flyers have been actually written up so far. Please suggest topics and also help write these flyers.

  1. Don't be deceived: we are actually a very poor nation, and have got poorer than almost any other nation.
  2. Why corruption is the symptom of our problems; not the cause.
  3. Why the "appealing" arguments of Communists are flawed.
  4. Human beings are not designed to be mere labour. Let us use our brains. Let the brains of India unite!
  5. Why population is a relatively minor issue
  6. Why self-reliance or swadeshi is not enough
  7. Why automation and computerization will create more jobs
  8. Why the private sector manages business best
  9. Why we should not be afraid of foreign companies
  10. India needs a Social Security System, urgently
  11. Have a small government but pay the employees very well
  12. Why environment is a relatively minor issue
  13. The way to success is through higher and yet higher education
  14. We need to urbanize, more rapidly and in a better way
  15. The only way to keep our Kashmiri brothers with us: Become rich
  16. Let not your daughter's talents be wasted. Women are capable of wonderous achievements


  1. Huzefa Mehta
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Thought for the Day

   Watch out World!!
The Giant is beginning to wake up. The race for the top slot in the world is now officially on!
      Go, India!!

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