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The Free Citizen, The Fair Society
A Free Citizen's Declaration of Personal Sovereignty.

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[Note: This note is intended to help us be very clear on our assumptions as invididual members of a society. Many of the remaining arguments arise more naturally if this is agreed upon]

Human rights arise from the following principles:

Our existence is separate

The chain of events leading to my birth, essentially unrelated in any way to the political boundaries that I see today, places me in the environs of a particular society, to which I am related essentially through my parents. But ultimately, I am an independent link of the chain, that will one day break away like a leaf falling from the tree, existing today for reasons best defined by me and understood by me, alone. I alone can actually feel pain when I nick myself, not my nation, nor even my family. I alone can think for myself. Not my nation, nor even my family.

My compact with society, government, nation

I had powers of existence defined unto me the moment I was born, and my parents through the society had protected this power through a contract, restraining those who would diminish this power in any way, and enabling those who would cherish and further it so that I was safe while I grew into myself. That contract was for the creation and support of a government and consequently of a nation, through transfering my task of self-defence to other free citizens in lieu of payment. The nation was created by us, through our joint acquiescence, thus, primarily to protect ourselves, and its sanctity remains as long as this fundamental compact is honored.

Loaning additional powers

Further, all of us, jointly, through mutual discussion and debate, temporarily authorize the government from time to time to do what we consider as being "good" for us and our families, such as providing common services and goods which we cannot profitably provide as individuals to ourselves. But those are not part of the essential, inter-generational national contract and such additionalities are subject to review based on new information and new technology.

Fair Society:

I work toward a society where able bodied persons work in legally and socially acceptable occupations for their self-interest and are rewarded for their contributions in proportion to the quality, and effort expended, the measure of which is the mutually determined demand for that labor through bidding of services in open competition. That society is called a "Fair" society since it is equitable in terms of reward being fully and mutually determined. Those that are not able, by virtue of their physical or mental limitations, nevertheless are equally deserving of the merits of the efforts in comparable proportion to that which they might reasonably obtain if their limitations were removed.

My obligation and method to review these arrangements

Everything that existed in the past existed without my permission. I can do nothing about it. But any existing arrangement that desires to exist while I am aware must get my permission to exist from that moment, either explicitly, or, as is more common, implicitly. If I do not wish to permit it to exist, I can use the powers of voice to challenge it, and with mutual consent of my fellow sojourners, change it. That is my chosen obligation and the only mutually acceptable method available. Should my efforts, and those of other like-minded persons, fail to achieve such change, I remain obligated to maintain the existing arrangement without losing the right to continue my efforts to get it changed.

My obligation to others

I have no obligation to tend for other humans in my nation once I have paid the dues mutually determined. That does not mean that I become uncivic. I retain the right, as a free citizen, to contribute in cash or in kind, over and above the taxes I pay, to help causes which I believe as being good for the society in which I wish to live.
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Free Citizen of Free India

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