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General Reference
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International Indian Economic Association
Indian Economists
Bill Goffe's resources for economists on the web
Economics links of Sanjeev Sabhlok
Mining Company Data on Economics
Economic Reform Today, an Online Journal

Books on the web:
Economics books (Full text, Free!!)
The Ultimate Resource II People, Materials, and Environment, By Julian Simon
The Friedrich Hayek Scholars' Page Laissez Faire books
CATO Institute Publications
CATO Institute Books
USC Electronic Journals Collection
Libertarian Bibliography (very comprehensive)

World Data

Compilation of all publicly available statistics from the United Nations

India (Data and other information):
Lok Sabha Debates with parliamentary questions
IndiaData by IndiaConsult
Data at IndiaPolicy
US Department of State Country Report on India, 1997
Microsoft's TerraServer Get satellite images of the world (including India)
Social Capital in India

Vedam Books: Books on the Indian Economy

Country Studies:
Pakistan | Thailand | Bangladesh | Sri Lanka | Singapore | Indonesia | China | North Korea | South Korea | Japan | Other nations

USA Statistics:
Fedstats, 70 agencies whose data is available on the web
Classified compilation of US Government reports
Economic Report of the President, 1997
Statistical Abstracts of the USA for 1995, 1996 and 1997. (a $150 value, completely free: just dowload what you want)
Data Warehouse of the NCHS (National Center for Health Statistics)

Public Policy Mailing List:
Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs: PUBPOL-L

International Mobility of Scientists Now Represents "Brain Circulation," Not Brain Drain
Center for Science, Technology, and Congress

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